2020-2021 School Year

As we embark on the planning of the upcoming school year, there are many uncertainties with the Covid-19 Pandemic  and Distance Learning planned for fall.  The newly elected PTA board has begun the process with the hope that we will proceed by providing support to our teachers, information to our parents, and a fun and enriching experience to our students during this unprecedented year. We understand the need to be flexible and make adjustments for the health and safety of our children, families, friends and the school staff. ​ The PTA's purposes is to advocate for every child and family. Please stay connected with the PTA. By subscribing to our newsletters, bookmarking this site and know that you can email/call anyone on the PTA board to listen, and support you. 



PTA mission is to positively impact

the lives of all children and families.

Meet the Board

President: Jennifer Paras 

Executive VP: Melissa Mastrippolito 

1st Vice President- Administration/Hospitality: Laura ​Shokoufandeh

2nd Vice President- Programs:   Margaret Franco 


3rd Vice Presiden Fundraising:  Melissa Solano  

Treasurer:  Larry Givertz 


Recording Secretary: Mary Ruth  


Financial Secretary: Jessica Levin 

Communication-Social Media: Jordan Reid


Parliamentarian: Dani Ryan 


Auditor:  Kelly Kincaid 


Historian: To be Appointed 

Children Embracing in Circle
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Malibu PTA Goals

Our PTA Board has set goals for the year to reflect the current needs of our school, but establish enduring initiatives with lasting affects:

  • Community: Create a nurturing and safe learning environment for our children, families & Staff by promoting, practicing and embracing inclusiveness. 

  • Communicate: Inform, engage and empower our by improving the communication and transparency into what the PTA is doing to support the school.  Advocate for the education, health, safety, and well-being of all students and staff.

  • Engage:  Encourage our parents and families to participate and make it easier to volunteer and give back to our school community and mentor our future students to become global citizens and  leaders of tomorrow. 

  • Enrich, promote and build family engagement to foster positive outcomes for every student and strengthen our voice for all students

National PTA Mission

  • Advocate for the education, health, safety, and well-being of all children

  • Inform, engage and empower our members and the public on issues concerning children and families

  • Mentor the leaders of tomorrow

  • Promote, practice and embrace inclusiveness

  • Promote and build family engagement to foster positive outcomes for every child

  • Strengthen our voice for all children by increasing membership