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2021-2022 school year!

The PTA Executive Board is so happy to welcome new students and returning students to a new school year.  Whether your child is starting their educational journey in kindergarten or celebrating their final year of elementary school, this year is sure to be filled with unexpected moments of growth and learning. Even with these unprecedented times, we are striving to find the positive and enriching moments for our students here at Malibu Elementary School.


Experience has told us that it is not just one that makes the differences in our children but the collective group working together to enrich and encourage.  It takes commitment from each family to grow and nurture this school and all it has to offers. 


Our PTA is dedicated to supporting our students, teachers and families.  We understand these times are difficult,  but we all have something in common, we are part of this community and what we give is what our students will receive.


The support we give to the school is what sets our school at a high standard and provides the exceptional education and learning opportunities our students deserve.  We are asking each family to make a donation and support the various programs the PTA supports for the best learning opportunities.

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